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When I worked as a Design Director for a live streaming and video on demand start-up one of our clients was the famous club Pacha Ibiza. We were hired do coverage of the closing week parties and the annual DJ awards at the Pacha clubs. This included live streaming the events, social media campaigns and online sales of Pacha merchandise boost. We were working with extremely tight deadlines for this project. We had less than two weeks to prepare in London and the rest of the work was done on the ground from Ibiza – mostly at the clubs. 

My role
My initial role for this project was to develop the creative direction for this campaign (design, animation & copy), map the eComm social media purchase path for the merchandise and video editing. The two biggest challenges for me were to create an engaging design direction for the project that was in sync with the iconic Pacha brand and drive sales to the Pacha merchandise. 

Design directions
To learn what performed well with the Pacha fans I spent a couple of days on their official social media pages looking at the posts with the highest engagement. These posts and their strong brand presence informed the design directions for Pacha TV’s DJ awards and closing night parties. Their existing tone of voice on social media assisted in pre-creating a very long list of social media posts for our team to use on the week of the events, all based on our live stream plan. I made sure I used words like: daydreaming, magical, glamourous, energy, Pacha love – the language the fans were used to and responded to.

The merchandise social media eComm purchase path was harder to develop within the time constraints of the project. After a meeting with our development team they raised concerns we might not have all the functionality in time for the events. It was clear I had to look for an alternative way to drive merchandise sales on social media.

Pacha merchandise.     
At the time Facebook allowed embedding of multiple types of video players on the timeline. Ours was one of them and I started looking into selling the products within the video player. I got together with the Development team, asked if it is possible to link to other shops that sell the merchandise through our player. For example, in a video where a DJ is performing in a Pacha t-shirt could it be linked to the t-shirt product on Amazon. 

Initially the developers didn’t see a need for us to sell the products through the video player because it would be easier to include a link to the products within a social media post. However, I showed them similar posts on the Pacha Facebook page that did not convert. This convinced the developers to look at options within the video player. After a short investigation on their part they contacted me with excitement because they now knew how to create a full shopping cart experience on top of our player in a week with the help of Amazon’s API. This was fantastic news since our assumption was that most users have an Amazon account with credit card and shipping details stored. This was automatically solving trust problems around users giving us their card details and also meant that we only needed to know which products they wished to buy in the player and the rest was taken care by Amazon.

video player with shop EMBEDDED on Pacha's Facebook timeline
It was a very busy week designing and developing the video player shopping experience. A fortnight before the events the player was vigorously tested to make sure we can handle the traffic without impacting video loading and shopping times, as well as guerrilla user testing the checkout experience in a nearby coffee shop - making last minute small adjustments. 

In-player shop
For detailed information on all in-player apps see
We spent the week of the events between Café Mambo and the VIP garden at Pacha - live streaming and filming DJ’s like David Guetta, Eric Morillo, Swedish House Mafia, Subliminal, Sven Väth, DJ Cut Killer, Madness and etc. 

My role in Ibiza
• Received the fresh tapes from the cameraman and their runners; 
• Video edited the raw footage and added my previously created motion graphics; 
• Posted the video content accompanied by fresh and the pre-created social media copy. All was based on what was happening around me at the VIP gardens.

Pacha highlights
Our social media campaign reached a temporary broadcast network of 1.6 million fans with daily viewership of 130,000. The fans were eager to engage with us and bought music tracks via the video player – the tracks I included in the video edits and the tracks they heard from the live streaming. 
Our customer Pacha were satisfied with the results.
"...despite this enormous pain of a project, that your video platform is wonderful and now that i'm actually using it properly... great content, a seeding and distribution network, an e-commerce partner - it's fantastic to use!"
The whole experience was non-stop which meant we were on the ground 20 hours per day. To this day I will never forget this amazing opportunity - working on such a cool project, meeting all the DJs and celebrities. It was extremely exhausting but utterly rewarding.

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