BLINK. Career Fitness within Career Coach chat app
Blink is a tool to help Career Coaches work with jobseekers to understand what they really want out of a new job. 
It was hard for Career Coaches to help jobseekers identify the traits of their new role. Coaches would send job seekers a lengthy PDF questionnaire to understand what are their expectations from a new role.
Users would find the questionnaire dull and were reluctant to fill it in and some less tech savvy users found the pdf form difficult to use. 
This meant that Coaches would have to ask jobseekers all the questions via chat which was more time consuming and left them with less time to guide users to finding the jobs they love. 
Simplify the questionnaire and make it part of the coach chat app. This would free up the coaches to provide valuable feedback to more jobseekers and make it easier and more fun for them to fill in. 

High level goals 
1. User goal: 
Get personalised career advice faster.

2. Career coach goal
Increase questionnaire completeness by making the questionnaire easy, fun and engaging to be able do their job.

3. Business goal
Reduce cost by providing career advice to more job seekers with less coaches.

My role
Worked with the Chief Product Officer and Career coaches to design a solution. Created the wireframes and visual designs. 

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