Working across the five planes of user centered design.

I am a London based digital designer with over 10 years of experience working within the field. I am a member of St Martins College of Art and Design alumni with a Masters degree in Digital Media.

At the moment I work as a Senior UX/UI designer at Totaljobs where I get to design end to end digital experiences. I start my day with research, then move on to concept, I get involved in the requirement discussions, create wireframes, get stakeholder buy in, create visual designs, conduct user testing and get involved in continuous improvements.​​​​​​​

The most inspiring and innovative project I am working on is the user experience & design around iPad data plans for Apple SIM. I had the chance to plunge into the unknown, challenging technology and design a solution for a complicated and unfamiliar product. I had the chance to break design boundaries by producing a new Truphone consumer brand presence.
I have been awarded the 2016 Creative Truphone Values Award for going out of our way to investigate new technologies and markets. Challenging the status quo and seeking new solutions that bring value. Breaking down barriers to deliver to our customers. Applying creativity to all areas of the business. Always seeking to do better. Thinking big and staying open to new possibilities.
Daniel Sedlacek
CEO, WikiBudgets

"Denni is a very passionate UI designer with lots of knowledge on mobile UX and usability. I had the great opportunity to work along Denni on a redesign of Rightster's signature video player that delivered billions of video views to clients all over the world."

Daniela Ferrai
Senior User Experience Consultant, HMRC

"In the field of design, Denni has all the bases covered. It is exceptional the wide range of skills she masters, from visual design to motion graphics. She understands business and users needs and delivers designs, which are creative, innovative and simple. 
She successfully led the visual design work for Rightster’s mobile products and shaped and defined the company’s visual framework across mobile platforms......"

James Flint
Co-founder & Director, Hospify

"Denni is an extremely talented designer, equally at ease with pen and ink, paper and scissors, camera and edit suite, Illustrator and Photoshop or HTML and CSS. She used all these skills to create and manage Videojuicer's unique brand identity during her three years with the company, and looked after the brand requirements of many of our customers, too...."
Feel free to contact me to discuss possible contract, permanent opportunities and freelance via email at deni.red@gmail.com

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